domingo, 1 de julio de 2012


there was a small town very far from all the other places where people used to live where only if a crime was something serious the one who did it was sent to another place to be judged and kept in jail.most problems where solved by keeping in the same cells of the station.  in this town there was a chief of police forces and two policemen, one in charge of the half east of the town, and the other in charge of the half west
a certain morning the chief arrives to his office and when coming in he saw one policeman, he asks:
-so, how was last night? do you have any news to tell me.
-last night was pretty calmed but with the single notice that in the cell I had to locked mr. smith, this one guy was stealing hens when I caught him, he already had 5 in his sack.
-5 hens? well, just lock him for 8 days.
then the chief saw the other man, he asks
-and you, what news do you have?
-well, all was calm exept mr. brown who I caught aswell stealing hens, but he had 3 in his hands, what do we do?
-well, if this one other guy stole 5 and we give him 8 days, to this one for stealing 3 we should give him ....
we should give him ....
-how much?
-well, just make this, set him free, he has to go and steal 2 more hens and then we can lock him aswell as the other.

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